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Toyota forklift automatic transmission including torque converter used in 8 series cushion and pneumatic models from 6,000-7,000lbs (30-32 metric) capacity.
Transmission Core (F310003C) +

8 Series Toyota Transmission with torque converter 32010-U3502-71

More Information
Condition Remanufactured
Toyota part numbers: 32010-U3500-71, 32010-U3501-71, 32010-U3502-71, 32010-U3503-71
Transmission part number will be on a tag attached to the top of the transmission bell housing.
Normal speed option for 8FGCU30 and 32, 8FGU30-32
High speed option for models 8FGCU20 and 25, 8FGU20 and 25

Full core deposit will be issued if:

  • Returned in shipping crate in which was shipped.
  • Drained of oil.
  • Has not been disassembled.
  • No fire damage.
  • Is free of external holes and obvious cracks.
  • Torque Converter core is returned.
  • Must be same Transmission spec.
  • Returned in 90 days.
  • 12 month Limited Warranty.
  • 3 month Limited Warranty on oil leaks.
  • Limited to replacement of product.
  • Will cover any part defect or assembly issue
  • Customer is responsible for failures resulting from operator abuse, improper installation, overheating or a lack of proper maintenance.
  • Transmission cooling lines and radiator must be flushed
  • All filter lines must be flushed and filters replaced prior to installation
  • An oil sample analysis may be performed in determining the cause of failure.
  • Final determination of a warranty claim will be made by Fulcrum
  • Contact Fulcrum when a potential warranty has occurred before taking corrective action.
  • Disassembly of the transmission without approval from Fulcrum will void the warranty.
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